Shelter Manufacturing in Mexico

Take advantage of the opportunity to manufacture in Mexico

It’s not difficult to begin shelter manufacturing operations in Mexico. In fact, with a nearshore manufacturing partn er like NovaLink, it is easy and best of all cost-efficient for your business.  

Take Your Manufacturing to the Next Level

Shelter manufacturing in Mexico is simple. Let NovaLink leverage our 30 years of experience in getting your manufacturing operations off the ground fast and efficiently.

Getting Started with Shelter Manufacturing

Getting clients started with manufacturing operations is what we have been doing for over 30 years. Big corporations or a small business looking to get established, NovaLink has the expertise to make your manufacturing plans a reality.

Cost Efficient Labor

For skilled, educated and available labor pools, Mexico cannot be beat. Staff your operations as needed with the most talented and cost efficient workers in the western hemisphere. 

Why Mexico is Better than China

Mexico is the favored base for manufacturing companies in the United States, not China. Reduce your overhead and expenses from across the Pacific and take advantage of manufacturing operations close to home.

The Mexico Shelter Manufacturing Advantage

Close proximity to your market, available sourcing of materials, large available manufacturing space for your business to grow are just a few of the reasons why Mexico is the United States’ top trading partner. It ranked No. 1 in total trade value in 2019 with a total of $614.5 billion.

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